Iran issued a warrant for the arrest of Donald Trump in connection with the murder of Suleymani

Iran issued a warrant for the arrest of Donald Trump and asked Interpol for help in detaining the incumbent US president and dozens of others allegedly involved in the death of General Suleymani

Although Trump is hardly in danger of being detained, the warrant is yet another reminder of the tensions between the two states – which have been heating up ever since the States emerged from Tehran’s nuclear deal with world powers. Prosecutor Ali Alkasimer said Trump and more than 30 other people who, according to Iran, are involved in the killing of Suleimani, face “charges of murder and terrorism.”

The US Special Representative in Iran, Brian Hook, has already commented on the news, noting that Interpol is unlikely to take any action – since, by the rules, it cannot “intervene in political events.” “All this is a common propaganda trick that no one takes seriously. “Said Hook.“ Because of him, the Iranians will only look stupid. ” The US liquidated Suleymani in January near Baghdad’s international airport. In response, Iran attacked US forces in Iraq.