Iran revealed an expanded version of the Ukrainian Boeing disaster

The Iranian Civil Aviation Organization has published an updated report on the investigation into the Ukrainian Boeing disaster near Tehran in January.

According to the document, the air defense complex (air defense), which shot down the Ukrainian airliner, was moved shortly before the accident, which led to a “change in the geographical position and direction of the complex.” After moving due to a human error, data was not reconfigured and the required actions were not performed in such situations. This led to an error in the data when detecting the aircraft in such a way that the air defense complex recognized it as “a target moving from the south-west direction to Tehran.” In fact, the plane flew northwest of Tehran, and not from the southwest to it.

January 8, the level of readiness of air defense systems was changed. The military notified civilian airspace control authorities about the possibility of take-off aircraft that were issued permission. The Ukrainian plane underwent this procedure: the airspace control center at 5:53 local time sent a request for departure to the focal point of the air defense system.

It is also noted that there was no data exchange between the air defense complex and the center, in connection with which the operator identified the aircraft as an enemy target and, not receiving a response from the air defense coordination center, launched the first missile on the plane, and then the second.

At the end of June, the Iranian prosecutor’s office revealed the reasons for the destruction of the Ukrainian Boeing. Tehran indicated that the Ukrainian airliner was shot down as a result of a human error, and not an order from the country’s top military authorities. So, the operator of the anti-aircraft missile system had information about the issued cruise missiles. At the same time, he could not correctly determine where the north was located – thus, an airplane took off under suspicion.

A Boeing 737-800 of Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) crashed after flying out of Tehran Airport on the morning of January 8. 176 people were killed, including citizens of Iran, Ukraine, Canada, Britain, Germany, Sweden and Afghanistan, as well as nine crew members. Iran admitted that it shot down a plane by mistake.