11 months ago

Iran warned US about the consequences of intercepting tankers going to Venezuela

11 months ago

The Iranian news agency Nur, reflecting the views of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, warned the United States of the possible consequences of intercepting tankers heading to Venezuela with a cargo of oil.

“If the United States intends to act like pirates, undermining security in international waters, this will be fraught with significant risk. Of course, such actions will not remain without consequences,” the statement said.

Earlier, an anonymous representative of the US administration said that the United States is preparing a response to sending an Iranian tanker to Venezuela. He refused to specify what measures are being considered, but said that several options will be presented to President Donald Trump.

At least one tanker bound for Venezuela passed through the Suez Canal. “Both Iran and Venezuela are independent states, and our trade relations will continue. We sell goods and buy them from each other, it concerns only us,” said Ali Rabiya, spokesman for the Iranian government.

Recall that both Iran and Venezuela are under US sanctions.

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