Iran will transfer “black boxes” of the brought-down UIA plane to Paris, – mass media

11 months ago

Iran told the International Civil Society Organization (ICAO) at the UN that it would send “black boxes” to Paris from a downed Ukraine International Airlines plane.

This was reported by Reuters.

According to agency sources, an Iranian representative said during an online meeting that Tehran would send damaged black boxes to the Civil Aviation Safety Investigation and Analysis Bureau (BEA) in France.

The transfer of the aircraft’s flight recorders will take place with the consent of other countries involved in the investigation, sources said.

Spokeswoman for Canada’s Minister of Transport Mark Garno declined to comment on this information, but recalled Iran’s commitments in March.

“They have shown openness for the transfer of black boxes, but we want to see concrete actions on their part to analyze them,” she said.

At present, Iran has not officially commented on this information.

Earlier, the Iranian authorities decided not to decrypt the “black boxes” of the downed Ukrainian plane near Tehran, and also not to transfer them to any country.

Recall that on January 8, 2020, shortly after take-off from Tehran (Iran), the plane of the Ukrainian company UIA Boeing-737 crashed. The crash of a Boeing-737 in Iran killed citizens of 7 countries.

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