Ireland’s first hydrogen bus hits the roads

Ireland's first hydrogen bus hits the roads

The creators of the project emphasize that the technology can make an immeasurable contribution to the country’s climate goals.

An electric bus powered by hydrogen fuel cells has started to run on the route in the Irish capital. The unique public transport is produced by BOC Gases using renewable energy from the ESB power plant, writes ampercar.

The Caetano “CityGold” electric bus project, coordinated by Hydrogen Mobility Ireland, is powered by a 60 kW Toyota fuel cell battery and represents the first hydrogen bus put into service in Ireland.

A senior ESB manager called it pertinent that the fuel for the electric bus is produced by electricity from a Shannon scheme. It was this project that provided the impetus for the country’s transformation when it was put into service more than ninety years ago. It’s cutting-edge technology that promises to make a huge contribution to Ireland’s climate goals for decades to come, especially in the transportation sector, he stressed.

The authors of the project emphasize that the zero-carbon hydrogen produced by ESB’s wind and solar power plants is a key part of the strategy for a bright future that is based on renewable energy sources.

The company said that environmentally friendly renewable hydrogen provides further electrification of transportation, allowing the transport sector to be completely decarbonized. It also has the potential to improve air quality as this technology replaces diesel buses throughout Ireland.