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“Iron Sting”: Israeli mortar with laser and GPS

"Iron Sting": Israeli mortar with laser and GPS

Israel unveils high-precision mortar with GPS and laser.
Tests of the innovative Iron Sting mortar are over.

The Defense Research and Development Agency of the Israeli Ministry of Defense, the Israel Defense Forces and the weapons development company Elbit Systems have unveiled a new technology – the Iron Sting.

The weapon is a networked high-precision fire system – a mortar with laser and GPS to help accurately engage targets and prevent collateral damage.

Before the presentation, the 120 mm mortar passed the testing stage in southern Israel. The Ministry of Defense said that the Iron Sting is designed to hit targets in both open terrain and urban environments. The agency noted that the tests were successful, which allows the start of serial production of the new mortars and their further supply to the IDF.

The Iron Sting will be integrated into the Israeli army under the supervision of the Ground Forces Command.

Israeli Defense Minister Beni Gantz said that the new technology is changing the battlefield and providing Israeli forces with more accurate and effective means, and the introduction of the Iron Sting is in line with the vision presented in the multi-year Tnufa (Momentum) plan.

According to this plan, Israel envisions the creation of more multidimensional units, new air units for special forces, the use of drones, air defense and F-35 stealth fighters.

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