Is America on fire? Or which country needs to be dissolved?

Hello dear readers. I will touch on a very important topic that relates to the United States and not only!

Riots are taking place in the United States (I cannot call them peaceful protests, whatever you want to do) over the killing of an African American. I emphasize that he was a criminal, just in case. And everyone began to protest: they say, “the lives of black are important.” Yes important! No one denies! But more on that later. So, there and in many countries of Europe there are riots. Where are they from in Europe? Yes, everything is simple: there are a lot of refugees who simply hide behind this action. In the telegram you can see videos on which such citizens are beaten by a crowd of police officers, humiliating white women, and much more. And this is the norm! That is, to humiliate white is not racism? Weird! After all, those whom you humiliate are not connected in any way with slavery and other troubles.

OK! And what about Russia? One African American, apparently on this wave, decided to get himself a taxi driver, but many simply reacted: he got it out!

And rightly so! Where are you going? We have a multinational country! We have Bashkirs, Tatars, Udmurts in our army! But in its place where you live! Our trick immediately for all comes down to the Tatar! We have Chukchi in jokes. And a crest (I have a friend crest) is fat and vodka. I have a friend – a Jew, whose distant relatives in the fifth knee before her moved to Russia. So her relatives during the Great Patriotic War were hidden from the Germans … Germans from the Volga region. True, they were sent almost immediately afterwards to the north.

And I also have a familiar African American. He studies at one of our universities, speaks Russian very well, albeit with a slight accent. And once he told how he visited Sochi:

He ordered a house with three meals a day. Had arrived. He met a woman of about 60 years old.

“Oh,” she says, “did not know.” that such a foolish one will come. If I knew, I cooked more! What do you feed in Africa? she said

Well, he passes. and there: Dumplings, Borsch! Snacks. In short, he gained 10 kilograms in two weeks.

I ask: How is the kitchen?

He jokingly answered: There is so much food that it seems that you really fight a bear every day! I liked the dumplings! And borsch! And pancakes! And sour cream!

“Okroshka !?” I retorted.

  • Listen, and this is generally strange! I was afraid! You put everything there! But delicious! how do you do it

Well, that’s the attitude really of those people from Africa who live here. Nobody is greeted maliciously here! If you will be human. Skin color does not matter to us.

As for the USA and the “Black lives matter” Promotion, then let’s just introduce the whole world “RED LIVES MATTER” and just recall the US Genocide of the Indians.