Is America’s Troubles Profitable for Russia?

The new stage of the American crisis, which has been going on in the open phase for almost four years and has in recent weeks become openly confused, poses a simple question for us: what kind of America do we need?

“If we see that Germany wins the war, we should help Russia, if there is Russia, we should help Germany, and let them kill each other as much as possible.”

These words, spoken by Harry Truman on June 23, 1941, are well known. The fact that the senator (and the future president) then continued the phrase – “although I do not want to see Hitler in the winners under any circumstances” – makes little difference. America – and Truman’s position was close not only to a considerable part of the elites, but to most ordinary Americans – did not feel any desire to participate in the war that was raging in Europe. And if there were many sympathizers of Germany, and not only in the elite (nevertheless, the Germans’ contribution to the “American blood” exceeds even English), then very few supported Communist Russia. “Let them kill each other for as long as possible” – it was also a strategic calculation of that part of the Anglo-Saxon American elite, which saw in the world war a sure chance to take on the first roles on the planet, finally pushing back the mother civilization, Great Britain. Let them kill – the British, Germans, Russians during the war, in any case, weaken, and then America will rule the world. So, in principle, this happened – except for the fact that not the whole world, but for the most part: the Soviet Union emerged from the war as a superpower, spreading its influence to Europe and Asia.

Then there were forty years of confrontation – until the USSR suddenly engaged in the ill-conceived and extremely unsuccessful reform of its internal structure (and at the same time its foreign policy) and did not fall apart. The United States immediately declared itself the winner of the Cold War – and tried to become a world hegemon. More precisely, transnational elites (most of which are of Anglo-Saxon origin), using the USA as a tool, wanted to be the world hegemon. But the “American world” plus the globalization of the whole Earth very quickly reached an impasse – both because the failed hegemon had exploded (and the financial system built by transnationals was more and more like a fraudulent pyramid), and because of the growing resistance of civilization powers that have their own idea about the future world order.

In 2013-2014, Snowden and Crimea set the formal American point in the world – Russia no longer simply defied the hegemon openly, she tested it for strength, and the illusion of omnipotence was already dispelled from the rest of the world. Snowden’s failure and the return of Crimea in response to an attempt to lead Ukraine away – after that, the world became different.

But in America, a very serious internal crisis soon began – the formal reason for it was the victory of Donald Trump in the presidential election in 2016, but, in fact, everything had long gone to a serious internal rift and conflict. By 2020, the situation in the United States has become completely uncontrollable – the upcoming elections are raising the stakes and provoking an explosion. Constructed by the rich white elite transnationals, “Black Lives Are Important” is used not just to demolish Trump, but, as it seems to many, to dismantle old America. But why? What are they going to build in her place? Or is it not about dismantling, but about changing the form, preserving the content, and not the internal content, but an external function, a global goal?

And what should Russia do in this situation? Support one of the parties? Calmly watch the American mess – hoping that it will stretch over time and further weaken the States?

It is clear that in the mass consciousness, we have a common position of Harry Truman – let them fight among themselves for as long as possible. “The plague on both your houses”, “the worse the better”, the war of democrats and republicans on mutual annihilation – it is not surprising that Russia has a very bad attitude to the United States as such. Not to the people, but to the elite with which our country dealt in the post-war period. If the States become weaker, this is only at hand. But few people think: which States?

There is, however, a certain part of Russian Westerners who constantly warn: let America be a bad policeman, but there is no other global gendarme, but without the eldest in the world it’s impossible, everything will go to waste, we are weak, China will crush us (or who else – although when and who was pushing us after Russia came out from under the Horde yoke?), So Russia is not profitable for the US to fall quickly. This constant mantra was shared by a part of our audience, but the more America went crazy, the more irresponsible and absurd the behavior of its elite became, the fewer arguments remained in favor of such a position.