Is Apple getting ready to embrace cryptocurrencies? The company has published an unusual vacancy

Apple has opened a position for alternative payments specialist, which intrigues everyone who cares. According to the job description, the candidate must have experience working with cryptocurrencies. The newcomer will join the team responsible for Apple Pay and the iPhone Wallet app.

According to Forbes, the main requirements for the applicant are 5+ years of experience with alternative payment providers such as digital wallets, online payment services, cryptocurrency services, etc. “We are looking for a candidate who is not afraid of ambiguity, likes to think about solutions to extreme situations and asks what an alternative way to do it,” the announcement on Apple’s website reads.

This may indicate that Apple plans to develop the direction of cryptocurrencies, in particular, to launch their support or its own project in the cryptosphere.

If Apple announces support for cryptocurrencies, it will give a huge boost to the market. As of today, the one who can influence the cryptocurrency market is Elon Musk. His tweets and statements have caused the value of cryptocurrencies to rise and fall more than once.