Is Captain America dating Cinderella?

Hollywood actor Chris Evans, best known for playing the superhero Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, spotted in London with actress Lily James, played Cinderella in a recent Disney movie adaptation.

They were seen together in one of the closed clubs in London, and after
After dinner, they went to the hotel together. Daily Mail released photos of a potential star couple.

Lily James lives in London, so her visit to Evans at the hotel may be proof of their romance. Previously, the actress for 5 years met with Matt Smith, the star of “Doctor Who,” but in December, lovers reported a breakup. But they were seen several times together during quarantine – once in March, and then again in May during a bike ride.

As for Chris Evans, the actor spent the lockdown time with his family in Massachusetts. It is not yet known whether he came to London for work or for entertainment. England is currently restricting entry for Americans because of the coronavirus, and it requires US guests to be quarantined for two weeks.