Israel becomes a member of a major UN body

2 weeks ago

On Monday, June 7, Israel was officially elected to the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.

More than two-thirds of the UN body voted for the state’s admission.

Israel becomes a member of a major UN body

“Israel’s selection is a recognition of our innovation and creativity that serves all countries of the world, as well as a testament to our diplomatic efforts in the international community,” commented Israeli Ambassador to the UN and the United States Gilad Erdan.

As one of the 54 members of ECOSOC, the Jewish state will be able to vote, propose discussions and lead initiatives to advance global solutions to economic growth and humanitarian issues.

“I will continue to lead the State of Israel toward further achievements and increased cooperation at the UN despite the efforts of the Palestinians and their supporters,” Erdan added.

The Economic and Social Council is one of the three main organs of the UN, along with the Security Council and the Human Rights Council.