“Israel Can Destroy Iran’s Nuclear Program.”

3 weeks ago

Israel is capable of completely destroying the entire nuclear program of Iran.
This is according to the head of the Strategic Department of the Ministry of Defense, General Tal Kalman.
“I don’t want to call it a year of transformation, but it was a year of great change. It started with the assassination of Qassem Suleimani and continued with a series of events that I can’t comment on. It made the balance of power very positive,” Kalman commented.
He explained that Jerusalem is fighting Iran on four fronts. The first is the fight against the extremist regime.
“As long as it controls Iran, Israel faces very big problems,” he explained.
The second area is the nuclear program, the third is Iran’s military capabilities, and the fourth is “Iran’s desire for regional domination.”
“These problems pose an unprecedented challenge to Israel. The Iranian regime is primarily interested in nuclear weapons as insurance for its own stability, but for Israel this is an existential issue,” he stressed.
Kalman believes that most of the countries surrounding Israel will strive to acquire nuclear capabilities. So far, Jerusalem has succeeded in preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.
“The Iranian people are paying a very high price for the regime’s interest in developing a nuclear program, but I do believe that this is a problem not only for Israel, but for the entire international community,” he added.
Recall that Tal Kalman, a former fighter pilot, recently became head of the Strategic Planning Department. The main task of the department is Israel’s fight against Iran.

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