Israeli submarine sent to the Persian Gulf

Israeli submarine sent to the Persian Gulf

An Israeli submarine openly crossed the Suez Canal last week in a show of force as a message to Iran. This was reported by public broadcaster CAN on Monday evening, December 21.

According to the report, citing Arab intelligence sources, the move was approved by Egypt. The submarine reportedly surfaced in the Persian Gulf, in waters between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Sources noted that the move was meant to “send a signal” to Iran. The Israel Defense Forces declined to comment.

Earlier on Monday, December 21, IDF Chief of Staff Aviv Kohavi warned Iran against attacking Israel. He noted that the Jewish state would retaliate vigorously against any aggression.

“The IDF will respond swiftly and firmly to any action against the State of Israel or Israeli targets, regardless of the location of the attacker. I say this directly and describe the situation as it is. We have prepared plans and practiced responses to these kinds of actions,” Kochavi said.