It became known about a secret letter to Trump about the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan

Before leaving the post of US Secretary of Defense, Mark Esper conveyed a secret letter to American leader Donald Trump, in which he shared his fears about the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan.

According to the newspaper, Esper discussed the abrupt withdrawal of the contingent with high-ranking military personnel and sent a message to the head of state in which he expressed concern about additional costs, inappropriate field conditions and a number of difficulties associated with the mentioned decision. The former head of the department noted that such a step could harm allied relations.

Earlier, a source from the US Department of Defense told reporters about the possible desire of Donald Trump to conduct an operation against Iran after the dismissal of Pentagon chief Mark Esper. It was noted that Esper contradicted the US President on the issue of Iran, refuting some of his statements, including after the elimination of the General of the elite Iranian special forces “Al-Quds” of the IRGC Qassem Soleimani on January 3.

On November 9, it was reported that the American leader had dismissed Esper. Trump also announced the appointment of the head of the National Counterterrorism Center, Christopher Miller, as acting defense secretary.

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