It became known about the contemptuous attitude of Trump to Macron

10 months ago

In his book, ex-adviser to the president of the United States, John Bolton, describes how the head of the American state, Donald Trump, relates to French President Emmanuel Macron, media reported.
According to the Guardian, “Bolton reveals that Trump ranks Boris Johnson and Shinzo Abe among the world leaders with whom he is closest.” At the same time, according to Trump, “everything that Macron touches” turns into shit, RIA Novosti reports.

Recall, in the United States should be released a book of Bolton, in which Trump appears as an incompetent amateur.

In the book, Bolton talked about Trump’s conversation with Kim Jong-un about sanctions, about the US’s fear of losing the dollar because of the frequent application of sanctions, about Trump’s dissatisfaction with anti-Russian sanctions, and about Trump’s negative attitude towards Ukraine’s “trying to destroy him”.

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