It became known about the plans of the Washington prosecutor to interrogate Trump’s son

It became known about the plans of the Washington prosecutor to interrogate Trump's son

Attorney General of the U.S. capital Karl Racine intends to question the son of the current U.S. President – Donald Trump Jr.

It is noted that the Attorney General’s Office in Washington asked Trump Jr. to testify in the case about the alleged misuse of funds that were raised for the inauguration of his father, Donald Trump, in January 2017. The investigation alleges that the inaugural committee violated nonprofit status and spent more than one million dollars to rent a banquet hall, rooms and pay for meals at a hotel owned by the Trump Organization.

Specifically, the case involved a room reservation at the Loews Madison Hotel by an aide and close friend of Trump Jr. It was billed for $49,000, which was eventually paid for by Donald Trump’s inaugural committee. That said, the attorney general isn’t talking about his speculation about exactly what role the president’s son played in the deal.

Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, was questioned about the same case last year. According to her, the conversation with investigators lasted more than five hours. She later called the lawsuit a “waste of taxpayer dollars,” and said it was politically motivated.

Last October, Ivanka Trump was investigated by the New York attorney general’s office. The city’s attorney general, Letitia James, sent a request to the Trump Organization asking for documents about fees paid to Ivanka. Such steps were taken after information emerged in late September that Trump had not paid federal income tax for ten years.