It became known about Trump’s plans to run for president again

US President Donald Trump plans to run for the post again in 2024.

According to the interlocutors of the publication, Trump discussed such a possibility in a private conversation with his advisers. However, the journalists were unable to contact representatives of the Trump and White House election campaigns for comment.

This is the clearest indication that the current president is aware of his loss in this election to his rival Joe Biden, Axios emphasizes. Because, according to US law, one and the same person can be elected to the presidency only twice. However, it is not necessary that both terms be in a row.

Earlier it was reported that Trump’s advisers are already discussing with him a possible loss in the elections. The politician is not going to make a traditional speech in which he admits his defeat. At the same time, some members of the Trump family belong to the first group of advisers with requests to continue the fight.

On November 7, Democrat Joe Biden, who received 290 electoral votes against the required 270 and thus secured his victory, declared himself elected President of the United States. In turn, Trump said he hopes to regain his leading position in a number of states through the courts. He believes that Biden hastened to call himself the new leader of the country, since the elections are not over yet.

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