It became known what effect money has on happiness

It became known what effect money has on happiness

Scientists conducted a large-scale study involving tens of thousands of people and found how income and feelings of happiness are strongly correlated.

American researchers interviewed more than 33 thousand people to find out how money affects happiness. It turned out that even when there is a lot of money, they continue to affect the level of human well-being.

Specialists from the University of Pennsylvania (USA) applied the so-called diary method. At randomly chosen moments during the day, volunteers had to answer short questions, such as how they feel or how satisfied they are with their lives.

A total of 33,391 Americans between the ages of 18 and 65 provided scientists with more than 1.7 million such reports about their lives and well-being. Researchers compared the results of the surveys to each participant’s level of well-being.

The results confirm that money does affect happiness. Even when income levels exceed $75,000 a year. This figure is named for a reason. One study on the subject theorized that people’s feelings of happiness and well-being increase as their income increases, but that this connection disappears when their annual family income reaches $75,000.

A new study shows that money doesn’t stop affecting happiness, even when it seems to be more than enough.