Italian after a quarrel with his wife in a week walked about 400 kilometers

Italian after a quarrel with his wife in a week walked about 400 kilometers

In Italy, the police stopped a 48-year-old man who walked almost 400 kilometers in just a week. He took such a long walk in order to recover from a quarrel with his wife, writes the publication La Repubblica.

As noted, a police patrol stopped the Italian early Monday morning in the town of Fano, located in the Marche region, the provision of Pesaro e Urbino. The man was in a state of exhaustion and severely frozen.

He told the law enforcers that on November 22 he had a quarrel with his wife, after which he ran away from the house that was in Como district. Then the Italian took the train to Milan. After that he went to Pula. The city of Fano, where he was stopped by the police, is 379 kilometers from Milan Central Station.

It is estimated that the man walked 79 hours without stopping and rest. The Italian authorities fined him for violating the night curfew and then placed him in a hotel. There, he was able to rest, eat and sleep. After that, the law enforcement officers contacted the ‘marathon runner’s wife, who would soon come to get him.

The man was already called ‘Italian Forrest Gump’ in social networks. Moreover, the users’ opinion about him was divided. Some criticized him for such a crazy move, while other commentators praised the man. In their opinion, it is better to choose such an unusual way to get rid of negative energy than to resort to violence against his wife.

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