Italy declared itself a “red zone” because of coronavirus

Italy declared itself a "red zone" because of coronavirus

Italy has declared itself a “red zone” because of a coronavirus epidemic. This was announced by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte.

The country will go into nationwide quarantine from December 24 to January 6. According to Conte, there will be a ban on citizens leaving their homes unnecessarily. It is also forbidden to move from region to region. All stores, with the exception of grocery stores, will be closed. Barbershops will remain open, and catering businesses will be able to operate in a delivery or “takeaway” mode.

On December 18, it was reported that as of the 26th, Austria would impose a lockdown for the third time since the pandemic began. The country will stop trade, except for convenience stores and pharmacies, and there will be restrictions on the exit of the population from their homes. For citizens who agree to take part in free testing for the virus quarantine will last until January 18, and for those who refuse tests will be in force until January 24.