It’s official: “Loki” series will get a sequel

The series “Loki” became one of the most anticipated novelties among viewers. And the first episodes immediately set records for viewings. Naturally, the showrunners could not leave the fans of the story about the charming antihero without a continuation.

Viewers learned about the second season of the project from the final episode, which was shown on July 14. After the end credits, a terse inscription appeared on the screen: “Loki will return in the second season.

It's official: "Loki" series will get a sequel

It is still unknown whether Loki will be joined by his colleagues in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the sequel, it is also unclear who will create the new season of the series. However, the final episode brings the viewer to the upcoming movie “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness,” it is due out in March 2022. Fans speculate that Loki’s storyline will be tied to this superhero.