It’s the first day of autumn in 2022: The fall equinox falls this evening

The day may not be like that, but this is the day that marks the beginning of the fall 2022 season.

The fall equinox occurs tonight. It is the beginning of astronomical fall and the official beginning of the fall season for many. (Meteorological fall officially began on September. 1.)

The equinox is scheduled to occur this afternoon, September. 22 in the evening at 8.03 p.m. (CDT). This is the time that the sun will be right above the equator which means that night and day will be nearly equal around the globe according to NASA.The duration of daylight has been decreasing steadily since the solstice of summer on July 21.Day and night aren’t exactly the same today however. Birmingham will have 12 hours, 8 minutes and 25 second of sunlight today. For Huntsville it’s 12:08:33. And Mobile will be 12:08:06. Mobile 12:08:06.

It’ll be closer than exactly 12 hours on September. 26th in Birmingham (12:00:10), Huntsville (11:59:56) and Mobile (12:00:42)

Today is more reminiscent of the summer months than autumn, which is unfortunate for those who have been waiting to get their coats out.

Today’s highs will reach 90 degrees almost across the state, with mid to upper 90s expected in the southern region of Texas. Here are the expected temperatures for Thursday:

Thursday highs, however, a return to more affluent (for Alabama, that is) temperatures is on the way with an icy front that is expected to move through the state beginning today.

The front isn’t likely to bring much rain along with it In fact, most won’t get any rain at all however, it will bring some cool air, and bring temperatures back to the normal range at this time of the year — which is in the 80s. The only exception will be the extreme south of Alabama that could be experiencing temperatures at or near 90 degrees.

The high temperatures for Friday will be cooler and pleasant with lots of sunshine forecast to be enjoyed by most parts of the state.Since the fall season is here, What other events are scheduled?

It’s an appropriate time for the clock for us to “fall back” to standard time on Sunday, November. 6. The winter solstice, or the day with the lowest temperature in the calendar, falls on December. 21.

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