James Franco is accused of harassment again

4 weeks ago

Actor James Franco has once again been accused of sexual harassment, including against minors. The other day, 35-year-old actress Charlene Yee shared her story on Instagram about the actor’s inappropriate behavior.

During the filming of “Woe Maker,” the actress tried to leave the project after learning about Franco’s proclivities. According to her, they even wanted to bribe her with a bigger role: “When I tried to break the contract and leave the set of” Woe-Creator “on the grounds that James Franco sex maniac, they tried to bribe me by offering me a bigger role. I cried and told them it wasn’t what I wanted at all. That I just didn’t feel safe working with a sex maniac. They said that Franco’s obsession with sex was a thing of the past year and that he had changed since then… While I witnessed him molesting women the other day,” Charlene said.

Now, thanks to Charlene’s courage, other girls have spoken up. One of the victims wrote a social media post, “James Franco tried to have sexual correspondence with me on Snapchat without my consent. When I told him no several times, he behaved in a way that made me feel disgusted, insulting and humiliating me for not giving him what he wanted. He did the same with underage girls (children), knowing their age. James Franco is not “innocent.” It’s time to bring him to justice.”

Sexual harassment was also alleged by screenwriter Violet Paley. She claims that James Franco induced her to perform oral sex when she was 17 years old. Recall, for the first time about sexual harassment on the part of James Franco talked back in 2018. Then the actor was not nominated for an Oscar, which greatly discouraged the actor. Note that Franco denies all accusations against him. Moreover, he supports the anti-harassment movement Time’s Up and says that victims of violence should find the strength to talk about what happened.