Japan detains scientist on suspicion of transferring data to Russia

A former head of a research company, Kazuo Miyasaka, suspected of transferring military technology to the Russian trade mission, was detained in Kanagawa prefecture of Japan.

Miyasaka, 70, had access to databases for technical literature search. Miyasaka made copies of the documents and sold them to 15 Russian diplomats over 30 years, police said. The documents in question were documents on drone development and radar upgrades.

Law enforcement officials believe Miyasaka received a total of about 10 million yen (more than 6.5 million rubles) for the data he passed on.

A member of the Russian diplomatic mission was summoned to the police to testify in connection with the scientist’s detention, but he failed to show up for questioning.

The Japanese Embassy in Russia said it would check information about a Japanese resident spying for Russia.