Japan has deployed its missile systems towards Russia

Japan has deployed its missile systems towards Russia.

Another deterioration in relations between Russia and Japan, amid a refusal to transfer Tokyo the four Russian islands of the Kuril group of islands, forced Tokyo, obviously under the influence of the United States, to deploy its missile systems towards Russia. We are talking about the Patriot air defense system, which Japan, for an unknown reason, is threatening Russia.

It is known that most of the missile systems are located near the Japanese capital, however, experts believe that if this is an attempt to demonstrate its power to Russia, then from Tokyo it is quite deplorable.

Today, in addition to the big name, American missile systems have no way to effectively deal with cruise and ballistic missiles. Even the sounded figure of 60% of target interception efficiency is very, very vague, especially after these systems could not even intercept rockets fired by pro-Iranian groups on American targets in the Middle East.

“The maximum height of interception of a ballistic target at the Patriot is 20-25 kilometers. A Russian heavy intercontinental missile equipped with hypersonic maneuvering units can cover this distance in just 2.4 seconds, while the American Patriot needs 4-5 seconds to activate and direct missiles at the target, ”the analyst notes.

On the other hand, experts do not exclude that Japan may also prepare to repel attacks from Pyongyang, which threatened to resume nuclear weapons testing because of Trump’s failure to fulfill his obligations.