Japan refused to denounce China over Hong Kong national security law, as the US and others did

11 months ago

Japan will not join in denouncing the Chinese government because of Hong Kong’s national security law

This is discussed in the material of the international news agency Reuters.

Japanese authorities have decided not to join the United States, Great Britain and other countries in a statement condemning China for the new security law.

Recall that the United Kingdom, USA, Australia and Canada, on May 28, condemned China for introducing a law that, they said, would threaten freedom and violate the 1984 Sino-British autonomy of the former colony.

Tokyo issued a statement on May 28, the day the Chinese parliament approved national security laws, saying the nation was “seriously concerned” about this move, which could jeopardize Hong Kong’s special autonomy and freedoms.

As you know, in accordance with the policy of “One country, two systems”, Hong Kong retains limited democracy and civil liberties, being under the control of Beijing. The autonomous region also has a special trade status with the United States, which gives it certain trade benefits that mainland China does not have.

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