Japan responded to Trump’s invitation to Russia to the G7 summit

Japan is interested in maintaining the traditional format of the G7 summit. So the Cabinet Secretary General Yoshihide Suga reacted to the invitation by the American President Donald Trump to four more countries, including Russia, RIA Novosti reported.

“For my country, I think it is extremely important to maintain the current seven-party format,” said the representative of Tokyo. At the same time, Suga added that the United States themselves will agree on the issue of how to hold the summit.

Donald Trump at the end of May announced a decision to postpone the G7 summit until autumn and invite several third-party states to it. In addition to Russia, it was about Australia, South Korea and India. The American president explained that, in his opinion, the G7 is an “obsolete group” of countries. Against such a decision were the countries of the European Union and Canada. Moscow became interested in the invitation and is studying it.

Until 2014, Russia was a member of the G8, but was excluded from it by the decision of other members of the group after the annexation of Crimea. That continued its existence in the G7 format.