Japan started selling instant soup with alcohol

Japan started selling instant soup with alcohol

In Japanese stores appeared Nihonshu no Dashiwari instant soup. The secret ingredient of this dish is alcohol.

The soup consists of sake and traditional dashi broth. The ratio between the elements is one to three. The flavor of the product is mild and complex. It is noted that it has sweet, salty and tart notes.

The dish should be eaten hot. A glass of soup can be heated in the microwave. In this case the alcohol will not be burned. In fact, the sake retains a four percent alcohol content when heated. Nihonshu no Dashiwari costs 198 yen (about 140 rubles).

The dashi is made from kelp, mackerel, and soy sauce. However, the broth does not have a strong fishy taste. It is often used in Japanese cuisine – udon, soba and oden stews.

However, it is better not to eat such soup with sake before a working day or before COVID-19 vaccination with the Sputnik V vaccine. The Gamaleya Center recommends abstaining from alcohol for three days after each vaccination.

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