Japan suddenly refused to buy rockets from the USA: Washington was offended

10 months ago

Japan finally abandoned the deployment of American air defense missiles on its territory. We are talking about the Aegis Ashore missile defense system. Immediately, the first reaction appeared in the American media: the Pentagon was seriously concerned about such a refusal. And they are so preoccupied that Tokyo’s decision may provoke a question of preserving the “basic principles of the Japan-US alliance.”

The news from Tokyo about the abandonment of American missiles puzzled military analysts close to the White House and the Pentagon. So, prominent US military experts Brian Clark and Timothy Walton just shrug their heads in surprise – the missile defense systems were to become a shield from enemy missiles. “To be in Japanese interests in defense against the North Korean and even the Chinese threat” is the main message of the USA.

At the same time, it is noted that Washington is also to blame for the failure of Japan. For example, the increased placement price. It has doubled compared to the price that was initially set.

Another problem is the discontent of ordinary Japanese people. The fact is that the radars of American missile defense systems are very powerful. So much so that they can damage the flora and fauna, and, of course, the local population. In addition, the Minister of Defense of Japan did not rule out that in the case of even test and training launches, the wreckage can seriously threaten the life and health of local Japanese.

However, MK experts also recognized another problem of the American missile defense system, which Tokyo prefers to silently keep silent about.

“The answer of the Japanese is understandable – they are disappointed in this missile defense system,” military expert Alexei Leonkov told MK. – Already repeatedly, these expensive systems simply missed attacks, did not react and did not repel them. And why then such an expensive and inefficient weapon? In addition, you become a target yourself. Therefore, Japan went into denial.

At the same time, the expert notes that the Americans at the military base in Okinawa, regardless of any Tokyo decisions, will not refuse to deploy any missile systems, including missile defense.

All this is confirmed by recent information from the same American analysts Clark and Walton that Japan is looking for an alternative option to organize air defense. Tokyo is sure that American missile defense like Aegis Ashore in the event of an attack from Korea, and even less so, China or Russia will not save the country.

However, all these arguments about the inefficiency of the US missile defense in Washington are considered baseless. According to North American experts, they cannot find the best deal in the Western arms market.

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