Japan to create AR-enabled smart lenses

Japan to create AR-enabled smart lenses

Mojo Vision and Menicon are working on the development.
Startup Mojo Vision, which is developing the concept of the world’s first AR (augmented reality) smart lenses, has brought in Menicon, the largest contact lens manufacturer in Japan. The startup announced this on its official website.

As conceived by the developers, Mojo Lens will be able to display images and text over the user’s natural field of vision. The view will not be blocked – the user will see everything around them, plus an additional image.

All this will be possible thanks to a microdisplay with a high pixel density of 14,000 pixels per inch. The lenses will also be equipped with an energy-efficient image sensor, a radio frequency interface and motion sensors that detect eye movements and stabilise the reproduced image.

In the future, Menicon will use its expertise to produce rigid gas-permeable lenses with Mojo’s microelectronics, but only if the feasibility study is successful.

If the prototype smart lens is created and successfully tested, the device will be mass produced by Menicon. In addition, the company will create care products for smart lenses, as this is also part of its area of expertise.