Japanese government got interested in Apple and Google. The reason was the growing number of complaints against the U.S. tech giants for violating antitrust laws.

By the end of June the authorities intend to form a government commission, which will check the relationship between Japanese smartphone manufacturers and U.S. companies.

At the moment the share of operating systems for smartphones Apple iOS and Google Android reaches 90% of the Japanese market.

Japanese authorities do not rule out that they can tighten antitrust laws, if they see attempts to encroach on fair competition. According to them, an excellent example was set by the European Commission, which launched a similar investigation last June against Apple.

In Japan, as in the EU, suspicion of the tech giants arose after complaints from music streaming apps and e-book distributors. According to them, Apple is forcing its own shopping system on the App Store app. According to a preliminary report of the European Commission, Apple prevents free competition in the EU market in the field of music applications.

As for Google, its main complaint is the positioning of its default search tools.