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Japanese scientists have learned how to grow new teeth

Japanese scientists have learned how to grow new teeth

Real good news for everyone who does not like and afraid of dentists – scientists have invented a way not to treat, and grow new teeth.

So, Japanese researchers have developed a revolutionary technique and are already testing the technology on animals. The treatment technique consists of monoclonal antibodies that cause the body to grow new teeth. The study showed that blocking the USAG-1 gene provokes an increase in bone morphogenetic protein activity. These molecules are responsible for regulating the growth of organs and tissues.

At the same time, interfering with this protein can cause serious side effects. However, scientists have tested a number of monoclonal antibodies modifying the ability of USAG-1 to interact with bone morphogenetic protein and found a specific antibody that does not cause side effects.

The technique has been successfully tested on laboratory mice and ferrets, whose teeth resemble those of humans. “Our next plan is to test the antibodies on other animals, such as pigs and dogs,” the study authors summarized.

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