Jared Leto, star of “Requiem for the Dream,” shocked by his appearance.

2 weeks ago

The voracious and flamboyant Jared Leto is known all over the world. Teenagers consider him their idol, and older people do not believe that he is their age. Many do not understand what the secret of his youth and incredible energy.

Today, the actor is 49 years old, and he does not cease to amaze with his appearance. Fans did not recognize Jared, who once again transformed for his role in the company’s new series Apple TV + WeCrashed.

In the pictures, Leto appeared next to actress Anne Hathaway, who plays the role of his wife in the picture. The actor was wearing a black T-shirt and sneakers, a gray hoodie and blue jeans. On his head he had a simple hat. The actor shaved off his beard and became even younger in appearance. Fans were surprised at how young Leto looks, it’s like he hasn’t changed for the past year.

Jared Leto, star of "Requiem for the Dream," shocked by his appearance.

Jared Leto has starred in more than 25 movies. The most high-profile are Requiem for a Dream, My So-Called Life, Patchwork Quilt, Urban Legends, Fight Club and many others.