Jeffrey Epstein’s accomplice filmed American politicians with minors

Ghislaine Maxwell, who was recently arrested as an accomplice of late sex trafficking organizer Jeffrey Epstein, was filming American politicians with underage girls, the witness said.

Gislein Maxwell once boasted that she has a video of two high-ranking American politicians, along with other influential figures where they have sex with minor girls, claims her friend, previously convicted of theft. He also described her as a nymphomaniac.

A former thief and author who uses the pseudonym William Steel, says he witnessed bullying by Epstein and Maxwell on minor girls after meeting them at a jewelry store in Palm Beach, where he tried to sell his stolen items.

Steele also claims that he once stole computer accomplices of accomplices and sent them to the authorities, without revealing the identity of the people whom, according to him, he saw in the videos. He also stated that he had sex with Maxwell, noting that she was ready for anything for sex.

“They wanted to convince me of their power and of whom they held in their hands. I saw a video of very powerful people – celebrities, world figures – in those videos where there is sex, threes, even orgies with minors, ”Steele admitted. He is ready to testify in court.

Maxwell was arrested July 2 in New Hampshire and is currently in prison in Brooklyn, accused of complicity in the crimes of Epstein, including sexual abuse of young women.