Joe Biden has double-digit gains

Polls show Democrat’s overwhelming superiority over Donald Trump

The American presidential race is gradually losing its intrigue. According to the latest polls, Democratic candidate Joe Biden is more than 10% ahead of the second-term Republican President Donald Trump. The main complaint of voters against the head of the White House is the deplorable situation with the coronavirus in the country. The newcomer to the presidential race, rapper Kanye West, is unlikely to interfere with the two candidates: at the moment he can count on the votes of only about 2% of voters.

15% – such an advantage of a Democrat over a Republican among registered voters was shown by an ABC News / The Washington Post poll. This is not just a record figure, it is a trend: already the fifth nationwide telephone (that is, considered the highest quality) poll in a row shows more than ten percent superiority of Mr. Biden.

Other sociological studies also do not bode well for the current US president.

According to the aggregator of all election polls RealClearPolitics, the level of support for Mr Biden is 8.6% higher than that of Donald Trump.
Everyone is already used to this figure, but it is worth recalling that in 2016, at the same stage of the electoral cycle, Hillary Clinton’s advantage over Donald Trump was only 3%. The largest gap in that race was 8% and was short-lived, while Joe Biden’s lead was sustainable.

According to the same polls, Mrs. Clinton could count on the support of 44% of voters, and Mr. Biden – by 49%, and this is the data for the totality of all polls: the already mentioned ABC News / The Washington Post study shows the level of support for Joe Biden at 54%. Recall, however, that in the United States we are not talking about direct voting and not always the most popular candidate becomes president: the outcome of the race will depend on the outcome in the so-called wavering states.

Voters blame the current head of the White House first of all for the catastrophic situation with coronavirus: in three polls, the results of which were published last week, only 35%, 37% and 38% of respondents approved the strategy of the head of state to combat the epidemic. Each of these polls recorded a decrease in the indicator compared to the period from May to June. Since then, the situation in the country has really become worse: the number of confirmed COVID-19 diagnoses per day has grown from 20 thousand to 60-70 thousand, and many states have begun to return quarantine restrictions.

It is noteworthy, however, that amid a decline in the number of those wishing to vote for Donald Trump, their enthusiasm is growing: 94% of his voters support him “willingly.” For Joe Biden, the figure is 79%.
Voters who vote for the Democrat, however, are closely following the elections (71% versus 67%), which means that they can support their candidate in opposition to Mr. Trump, albeit not too “willingly.”

As for the strategy of the head of state himself, it consists in the usual attempt to transfer the race from the “Donald Trump referendum” to the “Joe Biden referendum”. One piece of evidence: Republicans have resorted to tactics tested in 2016 – they used money to discredit Joe Biden among blacks and Hispanics. One of the spots posted on “swing states” TV highlights the key role of a Democrat (then a Senator from Delaware) in passing the 1994 Crime Control Act, dubbed the “Biden Criminal Act.” This is the largest anti-crime legal act in the history of the United States (the text of the document is 356 pages). It provided for the hiring of 100 thousand police officers, the allocation of $ 9.7 billion for prisons and $ 6.1 billion for crime prevention.

The same law provided for the “law of three mistakes” system: the courts were ordered to give long prison terms if a criminal was put on trial for committing the third wrongful act in his life. To date, different variations of the “law of three mistakes” have been introduced in 28 states. The crime rate after the adoption of the document, however, fell, but this law became a symbol of the transition to an uncompromising fight against crime and, accordingly, a sharp increase in the number of prisoners, and therefore it is unpopular among Americans with a color other than white.

In addition, videos in Spanish are being released, in which Joe Biden is accused of senile dementia: the Republican’s political strategists are aware that, according to polls, fewer Latinos support Joe Biden than Hillary Clinton. In addition, in 2016, attacks on Mrs. Clinton, designed to discourage blacks from her, were successfully triggered: in the videos, they recalled her comments about “supercriminals” (about a new generation of “godless, unemployed criminals without fathers” who stray into gangs consisting mainly of blacks) and her support for the 1994 Act.