Joe Biden Signs “Vital” Executive Order to Expand Obamacare

Joe Biden Signs "Vital" Executive Order to Expand Obamacare

Joe Biden repealed Trump’s ban on transferring federal funds to international aid groups that conduct or raise public awareness about abortion. The president also signed an executive order expanding Obamacare – which he said the former head of state made “less affordable” and “more costly.”

Biden stressed that he was only “restoring” the Affordable Care Act “as it existed before Trump became president.” Under Trump, the enrollment period lasted only six weeks as Republicans sought its complete repeal. Biden, for his part, said that with the ongoing “COVID-19 crisis,” it is now especially important to ensure that Americans have maximum access to Obamacare.

С Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi praised the decision in her weekly briefing, saying that “in the midst of a pandemic,” expanding the law is “a matter of life and death.” What about abortion? We’re talking about the so-called “Mexico City Policy,” first passed by Republican President Ronald Reagan in 1984. Since then, it has been repeatedly repealed by Democrats and renewed by Republicans. The policy prevented federal funds from transferring funds to organizations overseas that perform abortions, provide abortion counseling, or protect the legal right to an abortion. The program was expanded under Trump, who also banned transfers to nongovernmental organizations that fund groups affected by the Mexico City Policy. According to Biden, by ending the ban, the current administration will also end “former President Trump’s attack on women’s health.”