Joe Biden: Trump “will go down in history as the most irresponsible president” of the United States

President-elect Joe Biden said Thursday that Donald Trump “will go down in history as one of the most irresponsible presidents” in U.S. history – amid Trump’s attempts to challenge the election results.

At a press conference after meeting with Republican and Democrat governors, Biden criticized his predecessor’s actions, saying that the Americans had “witnessed incredible irresponsibility. According to him, because of Trump’s unwillingness to ensure a peaceful transition of power, “an incredibly destructive signal is sent to the rest of the world about how democracy functions. “It is difficult to understand at all how this person’s brain works. – Biden added, “What he does is outrageous. His comments came after Trump, according to sources, invited Republican legislators from Michigan State to the White House this Friday.

To date, he continues to challenge the results of elections and vote counting in several key states. Trump’s lawyer, Rudi Giuliani, held a press conference Thursday, making a series of new allegations of election fraud – but without providing evidence of the allegations.

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