“Joe received $ 3.5 million from Russia”: Trump accused Biden of receiving money through Putin

US President Donald Trump has issued new accusations against his electoral rival, Democrat Joe Biden.

According to the American leader, his competitor received Russian money in the amount of $ 3.5 million.

The US President made such an accusation during the final election debate.

According to Trump, Biden received the money through Putin, as he communicated well with the ex-mayor of Moscow, as well as with his wife.

“Joe received $ 3.5 million from Russia. They came through Putin because he was on very good terms with the former mayor of Moscow [Yuri Luzhkov], with his wife [Elena Baturina], ”Trump accused the opponent.

The US President added that the Democrat will have to somehow explain this. Trump himself stressed that he did not receive money from Russia.

Joe Biden commented on the statements of his opponent. According to him, he did not receive a penny from foreign countries.

In turn, he accused the American leader of paying a large amount of taxes in China. We will remind, earlier the American media wrote that one of Trump’s companies has a bank account in that country.

Biden noted that the current US president paid taxes in China 50 times more than in America, he is doing business there.

“And this person is talking about me getting the money?” The Democratic candidate expressed his bewilderment.

Earlier, Trump’s lawyer accused Biden’s son of keeping pictures of underage girls on his phone.