John F. Kennedy’s younger sister passed away

11 months ago

In the USA, at the age of 92, the younger sister of the 35th President John F. Kennedy, Jean Kennedy Smith, died.

About this publication The New York Times reported her daughter Kim.

She died in her home in Manhattan. Gene Kennedy Smith was the last surviving brother and sister of the president, who was killed in 1963. In the 90s, she was the representative of President Bill Clinton in Dublin and played an important role in a peaceful settlement in Northern Ireland. In recognition, Irish President Mary McAleese granted her honorary Irish citizenship in 1998, and Kennedy Smith entered the Irish-American Hall of Fame in 2011.

In 1956, Kennedy’s younger sister married Kennedy Clan financial adviser and future presidential campaign manager John and Robert Kennedy Stephen Smith. It was believed that she attracted the attention of the press much less than the rest of her brothers and sisters.

In 2016, Jin published her memoirs, “The Nine of Us”, in which she wrote that she basically felt that her childhood was the most ordinary.

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