Johnny Depp Bankrupt: How Bad Everything Is

1 year ago

The loss of Johnny Depp’s 650 millionth fortune.

The state of one of the most famous Hollywood actors Johnny Depp was estimated at 650,000 dollars. It would seem that such money is simply impossible to spend, but here Johnny Depp exceeded all expectations – he spent almost all his money and became bankrupt. However, it must be understood that bankrupt in the understanding of Hollywood stars is different from our understanding of bankrupt. Johnny Depp, as it turned out. He is a lover of real estate, yachts and works of art. But not only the love of paintings, mansions and yachts influenced the bankruptcy of the actor. For a long time, Johnny Depp spent money on unreasonable expenses for the financial managers of The Management Group, which Johnny Depp sued.

A substantial part of the actor’s fees was spent on real estate. Johnny Depp owns mansions in the south of France, worth tens of millions of dollars, as well as 13 more properties. In total, the actor spent about 75 million dollars on real estate. Related costs for the maintenance of real estate amounted to hundreds of thousands of dollars per month. Since 2004, Johnny Depp has been the owner of the island, worth $ 5 million. The yacht cost the actor $ 18 million, but it was bought by Joan Rowling, who is a good friend of the actor. It was Joan Rowling who contributed to Johnny Depp playing Grindelwald in Fantastic Beasts.

The maintenance of a private jet cost $ 200,000 per month. The actor spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on works of art, collectible and rare things, which together occupy 12 storages. Archiving the collection cost the actor $ 1 million. The maintenance of the personal staff of workers cost Johnny Depp 300 thousand dollars a month.

However, despite all the expenses presented by the Hollywood actor, the main factor influencing the loss of his fortune is the loss of his main source of income, due to numerous lawsuits with Amber Heard, who demanded $ 7 million in compensation from Johnny Depp, he was no longer invited to the movies . The lack of invitations to the cinema, the divorce from Amber Heard and the generosity of the actor, which his close friends have repeatedly talked about in the aggregate, led him to bankruptcy. Today it is known that most of Amber Heard’s statements and announcements in the direction of Johnny Depp turned out to be false, which directly contributes to a smile on his face. We can only wish the Hollywood chief pirate good luck and expect new movie roles.

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