10 months ago

Johnny Depp dedicated a song to murdered policeman George Floyd: video

10 months ago

Actor Johnny Depp performed Bob Dylan’s song The Times They Are A-Changin in memory of George Floyd, who was killed by a policeman

Depp posted the video on his Instagram page.

“Two months before the world came across the news of the shocking, ruthless, bloodthirsty, and public killing of John F. Kennedy in the afternoon of November 1963, Bob Dylan sat down to write a song … He had a special idea that he wrote down just a few weeks before Kennedy’s tragic murder … Therefore, he sat down and wrote the gold standard of protest music, the founding and most significant, stunning poetic prophetic protest song that the world will ever see: The Times They Are A-Changin, ”Depp wrote in the video caption.

According to him, the text of this song is also relevant today in the light of the fight against coronavirus and the protests that swept America after the murder of Floyd.

“Dylan’s song is about COVID-19, it’s also about the life-changing photo of George Floyd, forever imprinted in our memory … Let’s remember for a moment the sacrificial hero George Floyd and hopefully look at the changes that will cause his tragic death,” wrote Depp.

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