Johnny Depp started drinking and smoking at age 12

11 months ago

Hollywood actor Johnny Depp admitted that he started smoking at age 12, drinking alcohol and drugs – shortly afterwards.

The actor always spoke frankly about his fight against addiction. On his 57th birthday, Depp spoke of his demons like never before. He survived several difficult years after his divorce from Amber Heard, litigation, career decline and public condemnation. And yet he has the courage to talk about the personal, especially about how he is trying to overcome the craving for alcohol and drugs throughout his life.

Depp told People in an interview that he started smoking at the age of 12, and almost immediately after he started drinking and using drugs. “Later I poisoned myself to the limit, I was unwell. I spent years poisoning myself, but I couldn’t otherwise, because I could be myself only when I was alone, ”says the actor.

He admitted that he never drank for fun. “I never had this – I did not rest like that. It was always due to stress to forget, ”he said.

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