Johnny Depp testified against Amber Heard: “She came into my life to take everything from me.”

Today in the Royal Court of London began a hearing on the libel case, in which 57-year-old Johnny Depp accuses his 34-year-old ex-wife Amber Heard. Both he and she personally attended the meeting, which revealed to the world the details of their marriage. Recall that the actress, having filed for divorce in May 2016, accused Depp of domestic violence: the debate is still ongoing about the veracity of her statements, circulated by the media. The actor is also suing the tabloid The Sun, who publicly called him in the article a man “beating his wife.”

Johnny Depp answered questions from the court and lawyers, detailing the affair and marriage with Amber Heard, whom she considers to be an abuser in their union.

In one of his testimonies in the libel case against The Sun publisher, Depp recalled meeting Hurd while working on the film The Rum Diary.

Then she was very friendly and wanted to tell me about a recent breakup with her partner. If I knew then what I know now, I would see warning signs, but I did not see them. She (Amber Heard. – Ed.) Was beautiful and was very interested in me and my work, as it seemed to me then. And I bought it. Later I realized that she had a goal – to marry me, to make a career and get financial benefits, and she knew how to do it. For example, at that time she repeatedly told me that she admired my films. However, later, when the relationship began, she admitted that she had not seen any of my roles. She knew what she wanted, and I was an easy target. Now I am convinced that she came into my life in order to take away everything that is possible from me, and then destroy what is left,

  • said Depp about Hurd.

Depp told the court that Amber has an unhealthy psyche: she is “a calculating woman narcissist, a sociopath who suffers from borderline personality disorder.” The actor said that all this was confirmed by a psychotherapist, whom he and Amber turned to.

The actor of the film franchise Pirates of the Caribbean, who ceased to act in the role of Captain Jack Sparrow after the scandalous divorce from Hurd, denied in court charges of his penchant for destructive and violent behavior. Depp said that he never had problems with anger management, and when asked by the lawyer if Vanessa Paradis had called the police at least once in 14 years of their family life, Johnny replied that he had never called. By the way, Paradis herself will testify in court by video link, as well as Winona Ryder – both of Depp’s former lovers came out in his defense.

In his testimony, Depp recalled many episodes demonstrating Amber’s aggressive behavior. He said that she called him “weakling” and “spineless” for “running away” from fights with her. For example, I remembered one of the flights at the beginning of 2015.

She hit me in the face several times. Then I headed to another part of the plane to leave her, but she followed me and hit her face and head again. I pushed her away from me and knocked her down. Then he grabbed a pillow and locked himself in the bathroom, where he slept all the time during the flight,

  • Depp testified.

The actor admitted that from an early age he tried many narcotic substances, sometimes drank too much alcohol, but this does not mean that he lost control of himself – Depp rejected the accusations of beating his wife.
I will never hit a woman under any circumstances. I think this is simply unthinkable

  • he said.

In the documents submitted to the court, Depp’s defense reported the actress’s infidelity: her affair with Elon Musk, according to Johnny’s lawyers, began shortly after her marriage. Depp’s attorney claims that Hurd had at least two connections on the side during his marriage with Depp – with the aforementioned founder of Tesla and actor James Franco.

But Depp’s most discouraging revelation was the recognition that he decided to part with Hurd after he discovered the feces in his conjugal bed. The actor told the court that Hurd or one of her friends made him this unpleasant surprise, and she called the incident “a harmless joke.”

Depp commented on the episodes previously mentioned in the media of his marriage to the actress, when she allegedly threw a bottle at him, as a result of which he cut his finger and also laid an unlit cigarette on his cheek.
I couldn’t believe that we came to such a

  • said Depp.