Johnson promised to turn Britain into a scientific superpower

Johnson promised to turn Britain into a scientific superpower

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, in his New Year speech promised that in 2021 the kingdom will have the opportunity to become a scientific superpower.

Johnson said that “newfound freedom” after the withdrawal of the kingdom from the European Union gives the country an opportunity to “make every effort to become a scientific superpower”. According to him, Britain together with international partners will be able to create “millions of jobs for highly qualified specialists.

The prime minister also said he hoped that in 2021, Britons would be able to get back to their lives, going to entertainment venues and seeing relatives, thanks to mass vaccinations. According to him, “with every vaccination given, humanity’s chances of winning the fight against the coronavirus increase.”

On December 2, the United Kingdom approved a coronavirus vaccine jointly produced by the U.S. company Pfizer and the German company BioNTech. The European Union approved its use later, on December 21. In addition, the U.K. was the first in the world to approve a vaccine from AstraZeneca and Oxford University on Dec. 30.

A dangerous mutation of the coronavirus was first discovered in Great Britain in September and began to spread actively in December. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the new strain could be 70 percent more contagious. The new type of coronavirus has now been detected in at least 17 countries other than Britain. More than 50 countries have closed air links with the kingdom.