Johnson’s reluctance to protect citizens at start of coronavirus pandemic exposed

2 months ago

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson treated the coronavirus as a cold, which was associated with his reluctance to introduce stringent epidemiological measures.

According to the publication’s sources, even when the coronavirus infection began to spread across the country last March, Johnson believed that authorities should ignore COVID-19. He allegedly thought that imposing a quarantine was an overly emotional response.

When the prime minister was asked to stop shaking hands, particularly with those infected, he refused. “I already shook hands with everybody,” a source quoted Johnson as saying. An unnamed minister close to the prime minister also criticized his decision to ease restrictions over the summer to save the economy. According to the source, it led to a big spike in illnesses.

Johnson first announced a nationwide quarantine last March 23. Before that, various researchers had repeatedly stated that Britain had the wrong policy to combat the coronavirus. They called the government’s earlier measures insufficiently stringent.