Johnson’s statement about the ICC infuriated the PA

4 weeks ago

The PA’s administration is furious over the British prime minister’s statement criticizing the International Criminal Court in The Hague for accepting the PA’s war crimes suit against Israel.

A statement to this effect was issued by representatives of the PA’s mission in London.

According to Palestinian Arabs, the statement “marks the lowest point in British-Palestinian relations and undermines Britain’s credibility on the international stage.”

“The British prime minister’s letter is contrary to international law and British policy. It undermines the rules-based global order. And it impedes efforts to secure a lasting and just peace in the Palestinian Authority,” the diplomatic mission said.

As a reminder, Johnson earlier stated in a letter to his fellow party members that he opposes the ICC decision because Israel has not ratified the Rome Statute and the PA, meanwhile, is not a sovereign state. In addition, he stressed that the investigation was a biased attack on the Jewish state.