Kanye West accused Kim Kardashian of trying to lock him up in a mental hospital

Rapper Kanye West, who ran for president of the United States, on the night of Tuesday, July 21, wrote a series of tweets in which he accused his wife Kim Kardashian of trying to lock him in a mental hospital. The musician also announced that the movie “Get Out” was shot about him, and announced the release of a new album, writes Billboard.

“Kim tried to fly to Wyoming with the doctor to shut me up like in Get Out, because yesterday I was crying about saving my daughter’s life,” West wrote.

“Everyone knows that the movie Get Out is about me,” the rapper added. He also said that NBC had “shut down” comedian Bill Cosby and that West’s family “should live next to him.”

Most of the tweets were deleted, but the album’s announcement remained on the artist’s Twitter account. The new release is called DONDA and consists of 12 songs. West has announced that the album will be released on Friday.

The day before, West told the public that he was persuading Kim Kardashian to have an abortion, because he was not ready to become a father. Earlier in July, the rapper announced that he was running for the presidency of the United States. Sources from the environment of the musician said that he made the decision to run because of an aggravated mental disorder. West has pledged to transform the White House into Wakanda from the superhero Black Panther movie and has wished to bring “fear and love of God” back to schools.