Kanye West admitted defeat in elections but has already decided to run in 2024

Kanye West voted for himself, then admitted defeat in the current presidential race and has already announced his participation in the 2024 elections.

West posted the statement on Twitter after appearing on the ballot papers in 12 states in the presidential election between Democratic candidate Joe Biden and President Donald Trump. He signed the photo with the announcement of the future race. “Welcome Kanye 2024.”

The Associated Press estimates West has won over 1,000 votes nationwide. In Colorado, West received almost 6,000 votes, the rest of the votes cast for him in Vermont, Arkansas, Idaho, Kentucky and other states.

West previously announced that he had voted for himself, and this was his first ever vote in the US presidential election. “God is so kind … Today, for the first time in my life, I vote for the President of the United States, and this is for someone I really trust – for myself,” he tweeted.