Kanye West calls himself a billionaire, but his brand received a $ 3 million government loan

American rapper Kanye West is actively proving his status as a billionaire, but for some reason he is not ready to spend personal savings to support his own brand. His company Yeezy received at least $ 2 million in small business loans from the government.

West’s name is highlighted in the recipient list of the economic damage protection program during the pandemic. Yeezy applied for a loan under a program that is part of the CARES Act at the end of March. The goal of the program was to distribute $ 350 billion between small companies affected by the coronavirus pandemic, which could then save employees and wages. The Kanye brand received a loan of 2 to 5 million dollars for 106 jobs.

Over the past couple of years, the numbers associated with Yeezy LLC have been as interesting as the clothes themselves. In the spring of 2018, Kanye tweeted that Yeezy “will reach a billion dollar capital for the year.” At the same time, Kanye West himself officially received the status of a billionaire at the beginning of this year.