Kanye West has a competitor – Meghan Markle wants to become president too

While the whole world is discussing the proposals of CANYE WESTA to improve the lives of Americans, the rapper seems to have a serious competitor. So, the British TV presenter Beverly Turner, during one of the broadcasts on Channel 5, said that she knew from “very reliable sources” that Prince Harry’s wife Megan Markle was planning to run for president.

True, she did not specify exactly when Megan will submit the documents, because this year their admission has already been closed. At the same time, knowledgeable people argue that signs of Markle’s high political ambitions have been visible for a long time. It is not for nothing that she has a close friendship with Michelle Obama – for example, not so long ago, Megan, together with Michelle, took part in the ONLINE SUMMIT for Girl Up Global Leadership for female leaders, and also actively supports the Black Lives Matter campaign and shares personal stories of confrontations with racism …

In a forum for female leaders, Markle reached out to the younger generation online. It looks like Megan will bet on a young and conscious audience:

“Your generation is often referred to as digital natives, but you must understand that this online world can both sustain and harm. We must act not in the name of destruction, but in the name of supporting each other. So use your voice both online and offline to make each other stronger, support each other. Negative comments and criticism will always be heard, and sometimes they will seem too loud to you. And to drown out this noise, you must use your voices. Do not underestimate your capabilities: ask questions, press, ask. Just believing in equality is no longer enough – we have to work towards that goal every day, ”said Meghan Markle.